Silver Muse


Hello! I'm Ash! Silver Muse is my hand crafted jewelry business operated in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I am a silversmith and a lapidarist and have been creating jewelry since 2010. 

From sterling silver jewelry with hand cut turquoise, to sawn sterling silver, everything is made right in the studio and delivered to you promptly. 

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About my materials...

I use eco-friendly, recycled silver whenever possible. This means that the suppliers I buy silver from have melted down scrap sterling silver and reformed it into sheet or wire which I buy from the USA. 

As far as stones go, I purchase rough turquoise and finished turquoise from other small, mom-pop businesses just like my own. These are the mine owners or other lapidary artists like myself who have close ties to the mine owners. I can cut and polish my own stones and if a product contains one of my own cuts, I will disclose that. Kinda fun knowing where your jewelry comes from, right?

Your purchase helps support my family as well as other small business families too! Thank you!

Packaging materials include a sustainable forestry cardboard shipping box, Kraft crinkle paper strips as filler, a Kraft paper gift box or a handmade linen drawstring bag. I package your jewelry in an anti-tarnish bag because I want the piece(s) to look just as great as they were when I handed them over to the US Postal Service. A fair trade, silk sari ribbon is wrapped around each gift box for gift giving. These silk sari ribbons come from Nepal where impoverished women are paid to cut up or upcycle the used sari dresses which also keeps them out of the landfills. You can reuse the ribbon for another gift, wrap it around your wrist, or wear it in your hair.

Cleaning the jewelry...

I recommend Connoisseur's Sterling Silver dip cleaner for chains only but do not leave it soaking like the directions say. It will eat silver! Quick dips and rinse off immediately. Dips can remove oxidation (the darkening that is supposed to be there), so a soft cleaning cloth or Pro Polish Pad (included with each order) will wipe away the tarnish while preserving the intended oxidation.

Harsh chemicals like chlorine (and shocked swimming pools), bleach, and sulfuric water will blacken silver and ruin stones! You can always clean real silver. If your jewelry has stones in it, try as best as possible to avoid any liquid chemicals (especially in swimming pools!), heavy sweating, manual labor, or dropping the piece as this can damage the stone. I cannot fix broken stones.


Please be sure about what size you wear before ordering! If you are unsure, I can mail you a sizer, or you can check at a jewelry store. Wide band rings typically fit 1/4 to 1/2 a size bigger than a regular band ring. I cannot resize rings. A jeweler that has a laser for soldering can usually do that. 

Chain length: Please measure appropriate drop length plus the size of the pendant. I try to always include measurements in each listing. If you need to return a chain or a necklace for a different length chain, you will be responsible for shipping to and from me. Please be sure to have a tracking number.


If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please let me know. However, I do not cover things like buyer's remorse or 'I just don't like it.' Please be sure you want it before you buy it. As stated above in Sizing, please be sure of your size by checking at a jewelry store or asking me to ship you a ring sizer before ordering. 

I want you to be happy and I want us both to have a stress free experience, so please communicate with me before purchasing if you are unsure about any of the above!