Whale Collar Necklace with Kingman Turquoise Oval


These swimming whales carry a Kingman Turquoise oval pendant between them. This turquoise was cut and polished in house.

The whales have been made with recycled fine silver which is 99.9% pure silver.

This collar style necklace has a sterling silver, oxidized chain with an extra two inch extender added on. A Number 8 Turquoise bead adorns the end of the extender for some lovely 'back bling.' The necklace wears like a 20 inch necklace plus 2 inch extender. A sterling silver heart shaped lobster clasp makes it easy to clasp.

Together, the whales measure about 4 inches from tail to tail.

Whales as a spirit animal: The whale is a spirit animal for unbridled creativity. Exhaling through the blowhole represents releasing one's creative spirit. Their use of echo-location allows room for teaching and to receive feedback. The swimming whale is seen as a sign of good luck to come.

The humpback whales are found in a large range from Alaska (where they raise their young) to Hawaii to Costa Rica (where they mate).

My maker's mark has been soldered to the back of the whale (see last picture). The picture shown while worn is from a previously made necklace and is just to show how it wears.